Cost of Attendance

2013 Williams Fall CampusThe comprehensive fee includes tuition, fees and room & board, but it's not the full story, because we know there are other costs associated with your coming to Williams. Your actual cost to attend will be specific to your circumstances.

Something important to know: There are no “hidden” costs at Williams, such as charges for the use of athletic, computer, recreational, or lab facilities. Likewise, basic health care is provided free of charge at the campus health center. While all students must carry health insurance, Williams covers the cost of the college's insurance all aided students who required to enroll – approximately 35 percent of students receiving financial aid.

Campus events such as concerts, films, plays, lectures, dance performances, athletic events rarely cost students more than a dollar or two at the door, and many events are free with a Williams I.D. And there are no fraternities, sororities, or eating clubs at Williams that would require extra fees.

Our budget determination, then, includes the comprehensive fee as well as:

  • Books (estimated at $800 per student, but we cover the full actual cost of all required books for financial aid students for the fall and spring semester(s) when in residence)
  • Travel (estimated cost of two trips per year between campus and your home - at the beginning and end of semesters for students living in the US or one trip for students living outside of the US)
  • Personal expenses (estimated at $1,850 a year, this includes the cost of doing laundry, buying toiletries and incidentals, and taking part in various extracurricular activities)

2021-2022 Comprehensive Fees

Tuition $59,350
Room $7625
Board $7375
Activities & Residential House Fees $310
Study Away Fee (as applicable) $1,500

Total without Study Away: $74,660
Total with Study Away: $76,160

A note about living off campus

Should you choose to attend classes in person and live off campus as a senior, we assume that your costs for rent, utilities, and food will be similar to the cost of Williams room and board. For 2021-22 the budget includes $7,625 in housing expenses for a 9-month period (September to May), which equates to approximately $847 per month for rent and utilities. Likewise, your budget allows for $7,375 for food, or $819 per month. Staying within these expense guidelines will ensure that your financial aid award is adequate to meet your needs. Additional Williams grant funding is not available if living off campus proves more expensive than living on campus; however, more loan or campus employment may be available.