How It Works

2013 Williams Fall CampusWilliams meets 100 percent of every student’s demonstrated financial need. We look carefully at a variety of information to determine how much you and your family should be able to contribute to the cost of your education, and then we subtract that from the amount it will cost you to attend Williams to figure out how much financial assistance you need.

Your aid package will also include your expected earnings from a campus job and summer employment, and it may include a modest student loan. We won’t expect you to borrow more than $4,000 a year (though some families opt to).

The vast majority of our financial aid comes in the form of grants from the college.

2013 Williams Fall CampusYou’ll apply each year for financial aid, which will allow us to take into account any changes in your family’s financial circumstances, as well as changes in the college’s comprehensive fee. Those are the basics. Much more detail is in the links to the right. If you don’t see the answer to a question you have, please be in touch.