New Ephs - Outside Scholarship Treatment

How will my eligibility be affected if I receive outside scholarships?

Private outside scholarships will first reduce your student loan offer, then campus employment expectation, then your student summer earnings contribution.  Any remaining outside scholarship funds will reduce your Williams grant aid on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Federal and state grants such as Pell and SEOG are considered entitlement grants, and will also reduce your Williams grant on a dollar-for-dollar basis.  If your outside scholarship funds have reduced your Williams grant, you may request to purchase a computer with these funds one time during your four years at Williams.

Federal regulations stipulate that a student’s total award may not exceed his or her established need for assistance; therefore, outside aid will never replace or reduce the Family Contribution listed on your award notice. It is your responsibility to notify us, in writing, of all scholarships that you receive. More information regarding treatment of scholarships can be found at outside scholarship page on our website.

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